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Who am I? Just another person always looking to discover the world around them.

SNES cartoon

Like many others, I was fascinated by video games at a young age. It was hard to imagine how a box plugged into the TV could create such amazing experiences almost within a world of their own. This interest led me down many paths, from learning QBASIC (and lesser known BASIC derivatives like DarkBASIC), to moving onto languages like C and C++ along with learning SDL, Allegro, and some OpenGL and DirectX (no Vulkan yet, although I want to). I struggled with bugs, poor design patterns, and other pitfalls of self-taught programmers, but I learned a ton and I would do it all over again if given the chance.

For better or for worse, I eventually shifted focus towards web technology, Linux, server-side systems, automation, and “cloud” technology. Watching the change from on-premise servers to fully hosted infrastructure with multiple levels of automation and “infrastructure as code” has been interesting, but my true passion still lies with video games, and I continue to enjoy working on games and game technology in my spare time.

Outside of computers and technology I have other hobbies, but this website is mainly focused on technology and some of my thoughts and discoveries about it. Anyway, thanks for visiting my small bite of the internet. :)

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